Epic Trails bus conversion – The adventure begins!

Everyone is so excited!

We brought the bus home on March 1st, 2017.  We bought the bus off of www.publicsurplus.com.  It was a frantic bidding war at the very end.

The Competition

We looked a few different buses and drove two of them at Cardinal bus sales in Lima, OH.  Their selection of used buses is staggering.  Make time to check them out if you are shopping.  One of the buses was a beautiful stub nose (transit) that had some shifting/transmission issues.  We definitely would have grabbed that one if there weren’t the obvious mechanical issues.  It was even a bargain at $3500.  The paint was amazing and had the coveted activity boxes underneath.  Shoot!

The other bus was a bull-nose style bus.  It did drive fine, but in comparison to the bus we picked up Minster it just wasn’t as clean and tight.  They were wanting $5K for that guy.  It definitely was our second choice after our bus.

You have my money!

Getting the bus was a little bit of an issue.  The school district that we purchased it from was still using it!  They let me know they weren’t sure when they could release the bus because the replacement bus they ordered was back-ordered.  OH boy!  After a few emails explaining they had my money…and now my bus…and the terms of the auction, they agreed that it needed to be transferred.

I got the title and ran to the DMV…and found out the notary didn’t fill out all the appropriate pieces.  A half drive back to Minster and some phone calls got that fixed.  Another trip to the DMV got us some 45-day tags.  Insurance is also an interesting beast on a bus.  As long as it is a bus I could get insurance through Progressive.  After I do the conversion they won’t cover it anymore.  There are some places that will cover conversions.  Most insurance companies just don’t understand the process and don’t want to mess with it.  It usually requires taking pictures of the bus converted and sent to an underwriter.  I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


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