Epic Trails Bus Conversion- Week 4 – Ooh, I’m grinding my life away, Lookin’ for a better way

Floor prep

This week was floor prep week.  It isn’t glorious and you feel like you got nothing done.  Our plan is to lay vinyl flooring over top of the underlayment.  To do that we need the floor to be as flat as possible.

Started the week caulking all of the holes that the seats were bolted through.  I used a cut piece of plywood as a scraper and leveler.  I filled the holes first and then added extra caulk to level the indents that the seat frames left imprinted in the rubber layer.

Seat Rails

The next part was to grind down the handicap seat rails down to the rubber level.  This proved to be quite the challenge.  I had a small 4.5″ DeWALT grinder that after more than an hour of grinding overheated and let the smoke go.  To tool heaven that little grinder has gone.  That was a major bummer, but as luck would have it Sara was in Piqua that afternoon and picked up a new one.  The old grinder was a 7 amp grinder and the new one is a 13 amp.  There is no comparison.  The new one didn’t even get hot finishing out all the rest of the rails in one sitting.


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