Epic Trails Bus Conversion- Week 5 – Flooring & Bunks

Slow Start

It was a slow start to the week.  We took Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed off from the bus!  We had lots going on and truly needed some family time.  But by Thursday….

Templates and Paneling

Thursday night Sara and I struggled to come up with the outline of the roof of the bus.  We then transferred it to foam board.  Well a Frankenstein looking foam board!  There were so many pieces taped together to make the outline of the wall.  After we made our first template I copied it again to a new piece of foam board.

Saturday, Sara was photographing kids and chicks so I focused on the bus Sat afternoon after she got home.  I spent most of Saturday working on the bunks and making the panel board look 1/2 way respectable.  I used a sander to level and make minor adjustments after the initial cut with a jigsaw.    In the end, they turned out pretty good.  Scott recommended the use of white caulk to fill the little gap left.  That man is a genius.

Sunday/Monday Floor Day

Sunday and Monday was the big day in the bus.  All of the floor got laid on those two days by the three of us.  Thanks to the Eilerman family for sacrificing their Sunday afternoon to help.


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