Epic Trails Bus Conversion- Week 6 – Couches, Partying and Family


This week we framed up two couches that we purchased from Ickes RV Supply.  They fold out into short twin style beds.  We won’t need the extra beds for my family, but it will be nice for friend sleepovers or adult trips.  They are a gray that should match nicely when we get the exterior painted.  The only real challenge was finding a way to mount them in a fashion that allowed for the most storage underneath.  They are over the front wheel wells so there really won’t be that much room, but every inch of storage counts in 225 square feet of space.  I’m not overly impressed with them because they only mount on each end.  This causes them to flex in the center if you sit there.  I believe they are meant to do that, but don’t seem like they will last a real long.  We’ll see.


What a great night.  An old friend from high school who we don’t see near enough was thrown a surprise 40th birthday party by his mother and wife.  I think Andy was definitely surprised!  I had to get the couches done because I picked up 9 friends and we all rode in Epic.  One of the stops had too steep of a driveway.  Poor tailpipe took the brunt of that bump.  A little flatter, but will be just fine after a hammer.  It was pretty awesome to be DD for my friends and know everyone could “let their hair down”.  Most definitely need to do more “party bus” trips!   Margie, I have no idea who went to Dollar General and picked up a pack of toilet paper and papered those poor trees out front.  For shame!


We wanted a day off from work so after sleeping in/working on Sunday morning we loaded up the kids and headed down to John Bryon State Park for the afternoon/evening.  We went to the Clifton Gorge to pull off first.  Well, we didn’t stop there because everyone else thought it was a great day to go the park too!  There was barely an empty space, let alone the three spaces I need for this hog!  We ended up down at John Bryan State park, which is only a few miles down the road.  It is a great place to explore, hike, and play.




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