Epic Trails Bus Conversion- Week 7 – Hanging bunk and Cabinets

Last Bunk:

Sara, Graham and I finally got the last bunk installed on Monday.  This one was pretty tricky because we hung one corner from the ceiling.  A piece of angle iron and a straight strip of steel, a little paint and bam, done.  Of course, I’m getting all my steel from Eilerman Welding.  They did all the work of the steel rails for each of the beds too.  As always they knocked it out of the park.

We actually took all the beds down on Monday, painted the bottom of the plywood and reinstalled them.  I also drilled and screwed all of the plywood to the rails of the bunks.  Trying to get rid of as many rattles going down the road as possible.

Sara made the treadplates for two of the steps.  I still need to get them set in place with the aluminum edging, but she got the hard part finished.  She also caulked all of the flooring edges in the driver’s compartment.  This should help prevent the flooring from moving on the backside.  She used a black caulk that was really thin.  A lot harder to work with than it should have been.

Last Trip:

We made our last trip in the bus for a while on Friday.  We hit our 45-day mark!  And now our temp tags are done.  I really didn’t want to get full-time tags because we are going to have the title converted over from a bus to an RV.  We ended going to Greenville and hitting the Lowes over there….because somebody told them we would pick up from Greenville and not Sidney!  🙂  No biggy.  We picked up the counter top (love it!), some vinyl paint, and other misc supplies so we could work on Saturday without running anywhere.  A trip for ice cream for the kiddos and headed home.  That evening was a night of drone flying and a campfire with some friends.  What a great day!

A BIG Saturday:

First of all, my family is troopers!  We went over to the studio and grabbed some cabinets that we weren’t using anymore.  I disassembled them while Adam and Joslyn made almost 20 trips up and down two flights of stairs carrying all the drawers and other items for me!  They didn’t even complain!  After we got everything unscrewed from the walls, Sara was finished with her sessions and helped me carry the rest of the cabinets downstairs into the bus.  We drove the bus home and it was time to set the kitchen cabinets….after I ground the chair rail out of that section.  I considered just grinding a groove in the back of the cabinets but decided the chair rail had to go instead.  Didn’t want to make the cabinets any weaker by cutting on them.

I got about 1/3 of the way through the rail and my cut off disk was eaten up.  So I drove to Tru-Value in Minster to pick up some more.  I bought two more and a 6″ grinding wheel.

I got about 2/3 of the way through the rail and my two new cut off disk were eaten up.  So I drove to Tru-Value in Minster to pick up some more….and realized I forgot my wallet.  GRRRR!

So I drove back home and then I drove to Tru-Value in Minster to pick up some more.  I bought 10.

I finally finished cutting out the chair rail and cleaned up that mess.  While at Tru-Value I picked up some angle pieces to attach the cabinets to the wall.  Each cabinet was tied to the wall and then to the one beside it.  They are as solid as can be and aren’t going anywhere soon.  They’re even pretty dang straight.  The wall bowed in just a little on the last one so it sits out 1/8″.  Even so, they look pretty amazing for a computer geek and photographer installing them!  🙂

I had to call it a day after we got them set and tried on the counter top.  My lawn was needing some love.


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