Bus, it’s not ready yet!

The bus wasn’t ready, but we sure were!

The title says it all.  The bus wasn’t ready, but we sure were!  We were ready for a trip, but we may have bit off more than we could chew.  🙂  My mom and dad were talking about someday they would like to visit Ruby Falls and Rock City.  I had never heard of them.  Sara and I did some more research and decided, “Let’s do this!”  We talked my mom and dad into coming with us and booked a campsite……and then it all went wrong.

Water Everywhere:

I started filling the fresh water tank for the first time a few hours before we planned on hitting the road…..and water started gushing out of the back of the bus!  I had already installed a valve in the back underneath the bus to quickly drain the tank.  Thank goodness that I did that!  After I got it below 1/2 tank, it stopped leaking.  I assumed that I somehow cracked that tank when I installed it.  I drained it to 1/4 tank and figured good enough.  A little water to use the potty and that was good enough…and it was, for the next 6hrs…and then it all went wrong.


Too many tires on the road:

We were traveling down interstate heading to Pigeon Forge to stay the night.  About 9:30 at night, completely dark, I had cars honking at me and flashing their lights.  I even had one lady yelling from her window to mine.  I couldn’t hear anything, but it was Sara who figured it out first..”The bikes!”  She ran to the back to find Adam & Joslyn’s bikes dragging down on the road and putting on quite the display throwing sparks.  My weld for the 2″ receiver had broke.  Well, Adam’s brand new bike….seriously it wasn’t even a week old, was trashed.  Joslyn’s was trashed too, we just couldn’t see that in the dark.  I took the bike carrier off and let the receiver dangle by its one good weld the rest of the trip.  The rest of the trip you can see in the video and it was amazing…….and then it all went wrong.


Did I forget to carry a 1?

The fuel gauge was busted so I was calculating my fuel mileage.  I was wrong and should have trusted that gauge.  I got off in Troy on the way home at the Kroger on St Rt 55.  Just my luck they didn’t have diesel at that location.  Can’t use those fuel points!   Doh!  So I got back onto the entrance ramp to interstate and the engine fluttered when I took that corner.  I knew the problem…I was that low on fuel!  We made it to St Rt 41 in Troy and exited.  I even got caught with a long red light and it was still running.  Maybe I wasn’t low on fuel after all.  As soon as our bus tipped forward after going over the interstate bridge, she died.  I don’t know if you have ever driven a vehicle coasting with no power steering, but a bus is pretty dang hard to turn.  I threw my turn signal on and cut off a car to get into the right lane, coasting to the gas station on the North side of St Rt 41.  I barely made it.  I filled her up and it wouldn’t start.  We just drove to Georgia and back and we were stuck..in Troy, OH.  Well after some internet searching I decided to use a lifeline and called a friend.  I called the smartest engine guy I know.  Tony Schmeising.  He walked me through cracking open the injectors, bleeding the lines and she fired right up.  An hour and 15 minutes of me messing around and 15 minutes after calling him, it was up and running.

We learned a lot and had a blast on this trip.  I can’t wait to take it on more trips, but I can’t wait to get her all finished up.  Going to be a rough balance this summer.


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